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Writing Submission Guidelines

Policy of 23 May 2011

The following are the guidelines our writer’s must adhere to when submitting articles for the KidsMisdiagnosed website:

  • Writer must be aligned with the goals and purposes of
  • Writer understands that all submissions will be reviewed by our Editorial Board and the Editorial Board has the right to accept or reject any article at will, with no statement as to cause.
  • Writer understands that when articles are submitted to for posting on our site, they are granting us the right to post the article with no restrictions as to redistribution rights, for example the articles may be used in RSS Feeds, press releases, promos etc.
  • Initially writer will submit a supply of 2 articles, and then continue with a minimum of 1 article per month.
  • With the first submissions, writer will submit a short detailed bio with website and email, professional headshot and contact info.
  • Contributing Writer’s will be acknowledged on the site in alphabetical order.
  • The Editorial Board or Board of Medical Advisors has the right to dismiss any writer at will.
  • Writers will be given a category of many topics to choose from, but reserves the right to change the categories under which the article will be posted.
  • Articles should be written in layman’s terms and all medical or specialty terms must be footnoted with definitions at the bottom of the article.
  • Articles should be at least 500 words in length.
  • There is no monetary exchange for any articles submitted.
  • controls the timing and posting of all articles.
  • Should a writer decide to leave the group of, all articles previously submitted by same will remain on the site, and continue to be posted and used at the Director’s discretion.

The Board of Directors

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The information provided in this site is intended for general informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended to provide complete medical information. KidsMisdiagnosed, Inc does not offer personalized medical diagnosis of patient-specific treatment advice. All medical information presented should be discussed with your healthcare professional. Remember, the failure to seek timely medical advice can have serious ramifications. KidsMisdiagnosed, Inc urges you to discuss any current health related problems you or your child are experiencing with a healthcare professional immediately.