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What is Drug-Induced Psychosis?

I often help teenagers at my Ranch

What saddens me is to see the devastating effect of marijuana on people.  Marijuana today is grown in chemical labs and a lot of powerful ingredients are added to it to make it more potent.

The result is often very alarming.  I have seen several teenagers who only took marijuana for fun, turn into full blown psychotics.  There is such a thing as drug-induced psychosis.  Even some people who have taken the so-call medicine marijuana ended up with severe psychotic behavior.

The proof that it was the marijuana is simply that once they were put through a sauna detox program, they reverted back to their normal self or even better than they were before the drug (because other toxins were also released during the detox).  Those that did not fully recovered had other mental issues beside the drugs.  Those were also addressed.

The moral of this story is that we have to do whatever is necessary to keep our children off any drug, even the medicine and recreational marijuana.  The government is not helping of course, by passing laws that allow the use of those drugs.

So what’s the next best thing? It is up to us to educate the children before they begin their descent into drug degradation.  One way my wife and I help is by giving seminars in the schools all across Tennessee where we live.  We have given 240 seminars to 19,000 students so far on the Truth about Drugs.  You can check out the website at and if you’d like to do the same in your area, contact us and we’ll let you know how.

Let’s not have a next generation of drugged-induced zombies.

Marc Vallieres

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Written by Marc Vallieres

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