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Vaccination Safety and Pseudo-Scientific Studies

With the steady rise in autism over the past twenty years, there has been attention on the safety of vaccination policy in the United States. The medical establishment supports a vaccination schedule and firmly attests to the safety of vaccines, using vaccine safety studies to support their opinion. However, the scientific methodology of these studies is questionable, and it’s important to understand that the pharmaceutical industry, which conducts these studies, may distort the use of scientific methods, in order to protect commercial interest.

The current FDA laws require that the private pharmaceutical sector, rather than a neutral third-party, provide proof of drug and vaccine safety before the product is approved to be registered and released. These vaccine safety studies are funded mostly by taxpayer dollars using grants from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) grants. Rather than implementing standard scientific procedure, the studies make use of “defensive science,” which means that the elements of the vaccine trial study are altered so as to increase the odds of achieving the desired result. For example, the bare minimum of 6 subjects is used for the studies and the time frame in which adverse effects are looked for is limited.

“We have never ever validated the safety of the vaccine schedule as a whole,” says Jim Moody, JD, Director of SafeMinds. ‘People looked at bits and pieces of it—one vaccine at a time. They do clinical trials on children when they introduce new vaccines, but only three weeks of follow-up. So they’ve never followed these children pre- or post-market to find out if there is a chronic long term effect that may be adverse. So any new drug, any vaccine has to be presumed unsafe until it’s proven safe, and what we now have come to realize is that the vaccine schedule as a whole has never been proven safe…. That makes the vaccine schedule an unethical social experiment and mass immunization illegal under the Nuremberg and Helsinki Codes. And this may have profound implications for society.”


Resource: “Dark Curtain: The Rise of Autism in America.” Gary Null PhD, Richard Gale MA, Dorothy Smith PhD.

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