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Uncontrollable Crying and Depression

This is a true story about uncontrollable crying and depression. Betty is a 30-something Armenian woman. She first came to me accompanied by her 8-year-old daughter, and I got the distinct feeling the daughter was here for her mom’s benefit because Betty looked to be really leaning on her daughter for emotional support.

Betty was very nervous about telling me her symptoms. But with her daughter’s support, she explained she was very depressed, moody, and frightened. She couldn’t stop crying, especially around her menstrual cycle.

She also had tried a few antidepression medications such as Prozac, and they all made her feel better, but she didn’t want to be taking these over the long run due to the side-effects she had felt.

I started her on a homeopathic remedy called Natrum muriaticum. I selected this homeopathic remedy because it matched her perfectly. Her need for the daughter’s support, her depression, moodiness, fear, and excessive tears all around her menstrual cycle, matched the remedy Natrum mur perfectly.

After a month, when she returned, she told me that she felt about 50% better emotionally, but still was crying a lot, and unable to control herself emotionally in situations where she wanted to be more stable.

She said she definitely didn’t feel as sad or depressed.   I prescribed a cousin homeopathic remedy to the Natrum mur, which is called Ignatia amara. Ignatia is often used with a person who needs Natrum mur for the hormones. But Ignatia also has a characteristic in more acute situations which causes the person to feel uncontrollably emotional.

When she returned a month later, she said that her crying had stopped completely and that she was feeling fine emotionally.   She said, “I have woken up, as if a cloud has lifted.”   She talked excitedly about not feeling this well in many years.

The only problems she now wanted to work on were her skin and a right-sided lower back and sciatic leg pain.

This type of response is very common. According to Herrings Law of Cure, as a person becomes healthier on the deeper emotional level, it will be like peeling layers of an onion, and older symptoms will sometimes arise that have been emotionally suppressed, or in some way ignored and covered up through the use of medications. This is especially the case when in the past, medications were taken to control a physical pain.

In this case, Betty was experiencing the typical “direction of cure” discussed by Herring. As she healed on an emotional level, she was beginning to experience physical symptoms instead. The emotional healing was driving her imbalance out to a more superficial physical level.

Her facial acne, which she had not had since a kid, had also now come back.  This is another sign of healing: when the symptoms reappear in the reverse order from how they started.

So she was well on her way to healing. The key now will be for her to stick with the on-going treatment!

In case you know someone who is depressed or are experiencing depression yourself, please be sure to research these homeopathic remedies: Natrum muriaticum and Ignatia amara.  They could change your life.

Randy Martin

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