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The Myth of ADD and ADHD

I am sure many of you know that ADD and ADHD‘s diagnosis on children is a myth.  If you look at the “symptoms” used in the diagnosis you will see that those behaviors are normal child behaviors, not some mental illness.

Since I deal with these sort of difficulties at the Life Center for a New Tomorrow, I want to share one example of how misdiagnosed a child can be.

A lady brought her 13 year old son to my facility because he was on street drugs, and psychotic.  She told me that he had started to take ritalin at the age of 4 because he had learning difficulties.

I asked the lady a simple question:  “Did anyone ever teach your child how to learn?”  She was surprised at the question because it never occurred to her but she replied that no, no one ever taught her child to learn.  He gets in school like all other children and somehow the teachers assume that the kid can learn.  I gave her some ideas of what could have been done with her child to see if he knew how to study and she realized that the reason he was unable to learn was NOT because he had ADHD, it was because no one took the time to check with him to see if he knew what he was supposed to do and HOW to learn.

Instead, he was given ritalin which is addictive and later he went onto street drugs.  Once a child is given powerful drugs, it is not a big step to go from there to street drugs.  And here he was at 13 years old, his life ruined because no one took the time to ask him a few questions and because psychiatrists always eager to make a buck threw him in the system.

At the Life Center for a New Tomorrow, I have not seen one person doing better on psychiatric medication than off them.  There are alternatives to dangerous psychotropic drugs.  There is no need for them, especially when it comes to children.

Marc Vallieres

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Written by Marc Vallieres

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