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Homeopathic medicines to treat ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder (with our without hyperactivity) is common in both children and adults, and the numbers continue to rise. At least one child in twenty may be identified. One need not treat this Disorder with drugs though; homeopathic medicines to treat ADHD are readily available.

People with ADHD may have trouble controlling impulses, and may touch others or call out. However, this impulsivity may enable them to be risk takers. In fact, many CEOs of companies are thought to have ADHD due to the ability to think outside the box and take unprecedented actions. But when these actions occur within the confines of a classroom, they are not conducive to success.

One of the causes of ADHD is changed functioning of the brain. The brain is mostly composed of fats, and it must be supplied with the right mixture of fats in order to perform normally. DHA and EPA are fats derived from cold-water fishes and free ranging animal products. These fats are not found in the standard American diet. DHA actually protects the nerves from death and helps plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to learn new things. Supplementing a healthy diet with EPA, and especially DHA, is important for the developing nervous system of babies and children.

Homeopathic medicines are also commonly used in children with ADHD. Made from small amounts of diluted natural substances, they have no interactions with medications or supplements, and no side effects. Instead of producing constant stimulation to the brain, homeopathy gently supports nervous system balance. In fact, the British Journal of Homeopathy reported that of 115 children, 75% improved by 73% over an average timeframe of 3.5 months. Full resolution of symptoms may take much longer.

There are many remedies that children with ADHD may take. All of the following remedies may be used in children with inattentiveness and other ADHD symptoms, but you’ll notice that the presentation of each child is very different.

Calcarea carbonica: This mineral, when given in homeopathic doses, is one of the most common remedies. Children who benefit from this remedy may tolerate milk products poorly, having frequent ear infections as younger children, and sinus infections as older children. They may perspire on their heads when sleeping. They may have blue circles under their eyes and crave sweets, eggs, and bacon and other smoked meats. These children may be large for their age.

Cina: Children who respond to this remedy are irritable and don’t like to be touched. They may suffer from intestinal parasites and have a tendency to bore their finger in their nose.

Carcinosin: These children strive to do everything correctly and please their parents, but in doing so may become so anxious that they can’t get much accomplished. These children may be creative and like music or dance.

A local financial planner remarks about her child’s progress:

“After over 5 years on medication for anxiety and ADHD, my 13 year old son is seeing a marked improvement in his attention at school. His medical doctor agreed to start reducing the level of medication he was taking. His grades have improved in just 4 weeks’ time.”

The correctly prescribed homeopathic remedy can make a big difference in a child’s life.

Julie Lachman, ND is a licensed Naturopath and Bucks County Native. She works with clients of all ages in her Doylestown office.

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