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Heal Coughing and Wheezing Naturally

Dr. Kelly Austin, ND

Fight off the wheezes, pains, and coughs that often come with the cooler holiday season with natural and effective glutathione nebulizer treatments.  These treatments can heal coughing and wheezing naturally!

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is found in almost every cell in your body. Glutathione is made up of three amino acids — cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. It is especially helpful in the epithelial lining of the lower respiratory tract because it is part of the first line of defense against oxidative stress.

Gluathione can be taken in many ways, including as an IV treatment, an intramuscular injection, or as a breathing treatment. Inhaling the nebulized antioxidant is the only way to increase its levels in the respiratory tract. These increased levels can effectively improve oxygenation in the lungs and respiratory tract, break up mucous and phlegm build-up and can improve the defense mechanisms and immune response of the lungs. Glutathione can also help with different biochemical processes like protein transport and DNA synthesis for healthier lung and respiratory tract cells. Patients suffering with bronchoconstriction, asthma, difficulty breathing, multiple chemical sensitivity disorder, and airway support pre- and post-exercise can experience much benefit from breathing in concentrated glutathione.

Generally, the body can produce its own glutathione. However, poor food intake, pollution, toxins, different medications, stress, and aging can all deplete your glutathione stores. We need to keep these antioxidant levels up because glutathione is able to attract chemicals, toxins, and free radicals out of the body and help excrete them so that you feel great on a daily basis. Supplementation is needed however, because our bodies are usually taxed and in need of greater glutathione support.

Replenishing and maintaining healing antioxidant levels in the lungs and respiratory tract can be very easy!  A gluathione treatment plan can include a combination of IV, injection, and/or nebulizer protocols. The breathing treatment itself is painless and easy! You get to sit back, put on a little breathing mask and simply breathe the antioxidants in deeply for 5-10 minutes.  You can expect yourself to feel clearer nasal and throat passageways, ease of breathing, and an overall sense of healing and wellness. Furthermore, the benefits of gluathione last longer than just the initial time of treatment. Patients have reported feeling permanent improvement in their lung capacity, improved ability to breathe, and decreased fits of coughing and wheezing for several days to weeks after the nebulizer treatment. Following a regimented treatment schedule may even result in permanent improvement of the health of the lungs and nasal passageways.

To learn even more about glutathione, please call Prime Wellness at 858-705-1727.

Written by Kelly Austin, ND

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