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Headaches and Children

Dr. Charlene Thorburn

Headaches come in many shapes and sizes. There are migraines, tension headaches, toxic headaches, blood sugar headaches, TMJ headaches, adrenal fatigue headaches and a few more. There are things that can “trigger” or set-off a headache. When your child gets a headache, look back to the previous 24 hours and see if any of these could have triggered the headache. Then you can correct that source of headaches.

  1. Weekend headaches – when the sleep cycle gets disturbed by staying up late/sleeping in, it can set off a headache.
  2. Paint and other fumes. If you need to paint, get no VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) paint and air the room well during the painting and drying time. Sleep in another area until the room is dry.
  3. Dehydration. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables gives your child water as well as minerals that reduce dehydration.
  4. Hunger and skipping meals.
  5. Too much caffeine and also getting off caffeine too quickly when deciding to quit.
  6. Inactivity – exercise produces endorphins.
  7. Sleep deprivation. This leads to adrenal fatigue and adrenal fatigue produces significant head pain.
  8. Foods like: MSG, chocolate, aged cheese, sauerkraut, processed meats, aspartame, nuts, bananas and saccharine.

The best solution to headaches is to find the source and fix the source. Be sure that the bones of your child’s neck, jaw and back are properly aligned. Make sure that you are supporting the health of the organs with supplements.

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