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Five Facts Every Parent May Want To Know

Mental health and behavioral health are two topics that come across the nation’s newswire almost every hour of every day.  Parents are, especially, pounded with commercials, magazine advertisements, suggestions by teachers, friends and even family members that promote the use of mental health “testing”, drugs and “treatment”.  The United States is the only country that permits direct-to-consumer advertising. The buzz words when parents get together on the soccer field or at the playground, include “ADHD”, “Bipolar”, “Mental Health Evaluations”, “Meds” and more.  The youth of today are known as Generation RX and yet, most parents are not given their legal and human rights. Most parents are denied the right to full informed consent when it comes to mental health and behavioral health. For instance, the primary care physician, psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist, or other practitioner, neglects to preface their mental health adjudication with the fact that there is not one medical test that can be performed that can evidence a mental or behavioral health disorder. There isn’t an X-Ray, blood test or chemical imbalance test that can be done to evidence any of the disorders that are placed as labels on children. Secondly, the disorders, such as ADHD, are voted into existence based on a list of symptoms. A university study shows that more than 50% of the psychiatrists that vote these disorders into existence, have financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. The FDA places warnings on the mental health drugs that include mania, delusions, psychosis, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, to name a few.  The package insert for the drug is, typically, not included with the prescription and therefore parents find out the hard way that these warnings exist.  Too often, parents find out when the child is exhibiting these effects that it is the drug causing them. Which leads to one very important fact and that is that there are medical professionals all throughout the nation and throughout the world who are non-psychiatric medical professionals who perform actual medical testing to evidence underlying physical causes of unwanted mental or behavioral health symptoms.  Many professionals have been working for decades in this area of health and have found that anything from nutritional deficiencies, to food intolerances, hormone problems, thyroid dysfunction, to many other medical conditions, actually are the cause of the symptoms that so wrongly get deemed as mental health or behavioral health disorders. All parents have the right to informed consent, per the law.  That is the right to know the risks of the proposed treatment and the right to know the alternative treatments.  As a loving and caring parent, you have the right to know these five facts and to be fully informed so that you can predictably help your child have a bright and successful future. For more information, go to or call 800-782-2878

Written by Laurie Anspach, Executive Director CCHR Florida

Written by Laurie Anspach

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