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Autism spectrum disorder

The Importance of Sleep in a Child’s Life

I plan for 8-9 hours. My husband aims for less – maybe closer to 6 hours. My best pal tallies…..

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What is the Best Way to Help your Child?

Comments. Opinions. Decisions. Oh my! There is so much to think about when it comes to your child’s best interests. …..

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The Importance of the Decision-Making Process

We make hundreds of decisions daily. Have you ever stopped to think HOW you make the choices that you do? …..

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Shedding Light on Autism-Spectrum Disorders and Behavioral Problems

I’d like to take the opportunity to shed some light on autism-spectrum disorders and their resulting behavioral problems, and their…..

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Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome – A Very Common GI disorder The official definition of Leaky Gut Syndrome is an increase in…..

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Three Fever Myths Every Parent Must Know

When your child is sick and uncomfortable with a fever, your natural instinct is to make him or her feel…..

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Dr. Stan Gale

Immunizations: The Controversial Subject

Amongst the many “Now I’m supposed to…” inflicted on parents is that their children must receive immunizations. Some people actually…..

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Gluten and Autism – Is There a Connection?

Is it True That There’s no Cure for Autism? If you’re unfortunate enough to be touched by autism, you know…..

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Dr. Kelly Austin, ND

Does Vitamin B12 Help Children with Autism?

Childhood can be a difficult endeavor for anyone.  Socially, mentally, and emotionally, growing pains can hurt for both the child…..

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Relationship Between Toxins, Heavy Metals and ADD/ADHD or Autism

In the past decade there has been a staggering increase in childhood autism and ADD/ADHD. It is now estimated that…..

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