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Brain scan diagnosis

A lady told me one day that her son is schizophrenic. I asked her how she knew that.  She said the doctor showed her a scanned picture of her son’s brain compared to that of a person with schizophrenia.

I told her that what she was looking at is not the cause of the mental difficulty, it is the result of it.

To give an analogy I asked her: “If someone loses someone they love, they will feel grief, correct?”  “Yes” “The grief will change the way the body functions. It will make the tear glands active and tears will start rolling down one’s cheeks”  She agreed with that.  So I asked “Do the tears create the grief or does the grief create the tears?”  She said that of course the grief creates the tears.

So I pointed out that the tears are what you see but it is not the cause of the grief.  The cause of the grief is a traumatic experience in the mind of the person that makes the body react.

So when you see a scan of a brain, it shows that the brain has changed, it has been affected by an experience in the mind which makes the body react. Therefore, what you saw was not the cause but the result. She agreed.

If you have tears going down your cheeks and you take medication to stop the tears, will that stop the grief? The answer is no of course. So if the brain shows the results of something that has happened, one needs to find the cause. If one feeds the person drugs to change the brain’s chemical makeup, it is not going to fix the cause, it is only going to mask it, to submerge it and one will have a hard time dealing with that in the future.

That’s why doctors say that schizophrenia can’t be cured, they are not looking at the cause, they are only looking at the results and trying to fix that.

They are trying to stop the tears from rolling down the cheeks without looking at the grief behind.

Marc Vallieres

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Written by Marc Vallieres

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