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Behavioral Problems and Physical Causes

Imagine a ripe, fresh tomato causing a young boy to become so aggressive that several adults have to restrain his violent outburst.  Sounds impossible and fictional, to be sure, yet it is not fictional, it is real and it is viewable on a television interview with Dr. Doris Rapp.  Dr. Rapp has been one of this nation’s leading specialists on food intolerances and allergies since the 1960’s. As well, imagine a young teenage girl who uncontrollably and constantly weeps.  To her parents’ bewilderment and concern, she weeps all the time for no apparent cause.  Dr. Rapp has been working with youth for decades by performing medical tests that will evidence what food or environmental elements are irritating the child to the point of intolerance and/or allergy and with her work she does cure the child of the physical ailment and relieve them of any unwanted behavioral and/or mental health symptoms. Dr. Rapp is not alone in this work.  There are many such experts across the country and nutritional or environment causes are not the only cause of what the mental health community would deem a problem. In fact, a quote in a New York Times article titled, “For Some, Psychiatric Trouble May Start in Thyroid”, sheds light on the leading, physical cause of depression.  “After reviewing the literature on subclinical hypothyroidism and mood, Dr. Russell Joffe, a psychiatrist at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, and colleagues recently concluded that treating the condition, which affects about 2 percent of Americans, could alleviate some patients’ psychiatric symptoms and might even prevent future cognitive decline. Patients with psychiatric symptoms, Dr. Joffe said, ‘tell us that given thyroid hormones, they get better.’” Many families have benefited from the extensive research that has been done, over the last few decades, into the physical causes of mental health problems and behavioral problems.  It is unfortunate that this research is not more broadly promoted so that parents could ensure they get their children very thorough physical exams at the first sign of an unwanted mental health or behavioral health symptom. There are countless, real-life, stories of children who benefited from medical testing.  One of the most outstanding was a young 7 year old boy who was “acting out” in school. His teachers contacted the mother and suggested she get him tested for ADHD, which is actually outside the parameters of what a school teacher should be suggesting, yet it concerned the mother that anyone was trying to assign a learning disorder to her son.  She was well aware that the step after diagnosis is psychiatric drugging.  She felt very strongly against the use of drugs for her son, for after-all, she knew him best and he was fine at home.  She decided to get her son a thorough physical examination which included food allergy testing and the tests evidenced that he was allergic to virtually every food that was being served in the school cafeteria. Food allergies are known to cause hyperactivity, non-attention and irritability as well as other symptoms. The mom started to pack brown bag lunches with food that he had no allergy to and there was not one single report of behavioral problems after that. For more information go to or call 800-782-2878

Written by Laurie Anspach, Executive Director CCHR Florida

Written by Laurie Anspach

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