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Dr. Joseph Sarkissian

Dr Sarkissian attended the University of Alabama for his undergraduate studies, with a major in Microbiology.  He then moved on to attend dental school at the University of Göttingen, (former West Germany).  He graduated in 1989 and set up a practice on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Early on in his career, he embraced mercury-free dentistry and homeopathy.  In 1998 he received his license to practice in California and moved to Los Angeles. His practice follows biological guidelines with special emphasis on homeopathy, laser dentistry, metal-free and mercury-free dentistry,  Zirconia ceramic implants, early intervention jaw orthopedics, and orthodontics in children and adults.

His philosophy is to foster open-mindedness and awareness among physicians, dentists and parents, concerning child development and health. Many adult ailments have their roots in childhood.  If the proper signs are identified and appropriate measures are taken, following the “do no harm” principle,  today’s children will grow up without having to carry the scars and deficiencies that so many have carried into adulthood.

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