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Heather Lascano

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Having been an advocate and program director for a private company in 2010 and then operating a nonprofit – I have been inspired to assist families that struggle with the learning delays of a child. I don’t speak FOR the family; I guide them to speak for THEMSELVES.

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Passions of a Child

The passions of a child. I had a few growing up. Animals. Science. Being organized (yes, don’t judge). Do you…..

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How Screen Time Creates Laziness in Children

Let’s talk about young people who don’t finish what they start. I had hung up from another phone call with…..

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Childhood Friendships and their Impact

I was reading a Facebook post by ‘Fast Company’ that caught my eye about resiliency in children (including the topic…..

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A Safe Space for Parents?

I was frazzled. It was early in the day and my plans were starting to unravel. Unclear exactly as to…..

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A Shift in Pill Culture?

Pills. I trust a few of them. Don’t get me wrong, I take an occasional pill for a headache, but…..

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The Importance of Sleep in a Child’s Life

I plan for 8-9 hours. My husband aims for less – maybe closer to 6 hours. My best pal tallies…..

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Kids Spending Too Much Time on Electronic Devices?

Kids Spending Too Much Time on Electronic Devices?

Parents have run into a big problem with their children; they become detached from the real world when they are…..

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What is the Best Way to Help your Child?

Comments. Opinions. Decisions. Oh my! There is so much to think about when it comes to your child’s best interests. …..

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Were You Frustrated in School?

We’ve all had our unique school experiences.  But were you ever frustrated in school?  I know I was.  I’d like…..

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We FEEL What We Eat?

We are what we eat and we feel what we eat. I don’t know of many that would argue this…..

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