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2015 is the Year to Drive your Health

The American Recall Center has proclaimed 2015 the year to Drive Your Health. Kids Misdiagnosed couldn’t agree more! With so many diagnoses and misdiagnoses in both the mental and physical health fields these days and more and more prescriptions being written as a band-aid covering the real problems, it is important now more than ever to educate yourself on your children’s health and your own.

A staggering 2/3rds of doctor’s visits end in prescriptions being written for drugs that may or may not be appropriate and quite possibly are more harmful than the illness they are written for. It is important to have valuable and credible sources to learn what these prescriptions are, what the side effects may be and if they are even safe. American Recall Center is one great resource for this and there are several others that can be found out there as well.

It is also important to investigate what other non-drug alternatives are out there for your child. Drugs can sometimes be necessary but often there are other nutritional and supplemental options that should be explored first.

Educate yourself both before and after your doctors visit. Doing your research beforehand and gathering all of your thoughts will help you to formulate all of the questions that you want to ask. We suggest writing down all of your questions, then doing a bit of research on your own to help you to better focus your questions or enable you to present alternative options and ideas to your doctor when the time comes.

In sitting down with your doctor, be sure that you are armed with a piece of paper with a list of all of your child’s symptoms and all of the questions that you have created from your own prior work. Having them written down will really help you to say focused and ensure that all your concerns are properly addressed. Take notes during your visit.

After the appointment, using your notes, do more research into what your doctor has prescribed or instructed. Whether diagnosis or medication, do your own homework so that you can be confident that it is the right handling and that you are making the right decisions for your child’s health based on all of the resources and knowledge at your disposal.

Read the helpful infographic below shared by American Recall Center ( to remind you to take yours and your family’s health into your own hands. You are in the driver’s seat. To your ever improving health!

American recall center

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